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Baby Armpits Smell Like Cheese

Luckily this particular smell has a straightforward cure.

Baby armpits smell like cheese. We play a game when undressing him which means our noses go in his armpit as well as other body parts were not weird. A lot of women report that their baby stinks like cheese even though the baby never eats cheese. She may be red due to heat and rubbing. Its just the vernix which is reallygood for baby when they are born.

Because u eat alot of bananas and it depends what kind of cheese swiss cheese would taste pretty good and the smell is good but cow cheese on the other is very poopish gouda is fingerfish fingerrr. In june 2011 moms. Rather than the cheesy smell that can be caused by trapped milk sour armpits are likely caused by dirt and sweat trapped in their underarm area. Dont act like you dont know what im talking about.

A painless bump in the right armpit. But when we started working together we were surprised by how not only do cheese and smelly body parts like feet share similar odour. My lo has armpit cheese and it stinks lol. The armpit doesn t smell much unless rub the fingers on it.

If its starting to smell i would say use some cotton wool and give her a bit of a clean. If your baby occasionally or regularly smells like a wedge of cheese or cheese puffs youll be relieved to know that this problem can often be prevented and that even in cases where youll just have to learn to adapt to it depending on the cause it does not signal a disease. Bathe your baby regularly and pay particular attention to their armpit area. His armpits feel warm when the smell is there but not wet like hes been sweating.

X mrsk101 posted 61917 yeah my lb has a case of the cheese. Weve all been there at some point. For the characteristic smells of human armpits or feet. How to bathe a newborn so youve just picked up your sweet new baby to snuggle him close and thats when you smell it.

She gets good baths too. They smell like some bad gouda or something. Squeezed and then white cheese like smelly discharge came out. I have been avoiding the lotion as much as possible near there but it still happens.